Private Language Coaching for the Creative Arts 

I admire people who dare to take the language, English, and understand it and understand the melody

Language Coach Elizabeth Bufton

Private Language Coaching Services for the Creative Arts industry

Private language coaching packages for the Creative Arts industry including artists, musicians, actors and broadcasters

From accent reduction to public speaking confidence. From songwriting to voice coaching. Our personalised service will help boost your confidence in speaking English.


Package Options

Accent Reduction Coaching
We’ll work with you on every sound that is leading to confusion or misunderstanding, so that when you open your mouth to speak or sing, your words come out as you intended.

Song Writing
Whether you need to transfer your lyrics from Italian into English or if you need help with writing songs in English from scratch, our bespoke service for musicians and artists will be all you need.

Voice Coaching
Increase your voice effectiveness through our expertise in accent softening and voice coaching.

Online Skype packages
This package is designed for any individual that needs more flexibility with their learning journey, or simply prefers the online approach. With Skype there really are no restrictions. Thanks to the technological world that we live in, we are able to share articles, pages, links and images related to the session. This package offers convenience to anyone that needs it.

Skype and face to face sessions can be combined at any point during the course.




Lavorando come musicista all’estero avevo necessità di perfezionare la pronuncia con personale predilezione per il British English. Ho lavorato con diversi insegnanti ma Liz più di tutti ha soddisfatto le mie necessità. Lavorare insieme è stato piacevole e molto stimolante, tanto da spingermi ad affidarle alcuni incarichi inerenti alla mia attività musicale (controllo e rifinitura su scripts e lyrics, perfezionamento della pronuncia). Insegnante, consulente e collaboratrice di cui non potrei più fare a meno.
(Lorenzo Fornasi)