“She is … WOW 🤩 like a Teacher… no, like a Coach.
She doesn’t tell you what & how learn the language but she accompanies you to appropriate the language as a whole, trough what you want to discover…
She reaches People , involves them and makes them love ❤️
the English language…”
(Lina Pellegrini, Call Center Manager Milano & Call Center CS CUSTOMS Manager presso DHL Express Italy)


“Liz is an excellent language coach! She posses the flexibility to adapt to different needs, agendas and pressures. Thanks to her coaching session I am rapidly improving my communication skills in English and I feel much more relaxed and self-confident when I have to speak in public. In addition, she is so kind, open-minded and friendly, which makes it easy to have fun when practicing English with her! I am really benefiting from her knowledge and expertise and I strongly suggest Liz to anyone willing to improve their English!”
(Federico Papa, Co-founder and COO at Ludwig, Italy)


“I am still a customer of Elizabeth and I must say that she is a “super” professional, very prepared both in language teaching and in coaching. She is giving me all the support, and more, I need to raise the level of my spoken English. I am absolutely confident in recommending Elizabeth as a teacher and as a coach.”
Carla Curone, Head of Strategic Change Management presso DHL Express Italy)


“Ho conosciuto Liz, in un momento importante della mia vita professionale. Avevo appena fatto un esame d’inglese con esito B1.1 e dovevo raggiungere B2.1 in poco meno di 3 mesi.
Grazie alla sua duttilitĂ , ed al corso “taylor made”, ai continui stimoli, il risultato è stato raggiunto! In maniera divertente, parlando di argomenti che stimolano il mio interesse, è stato veloce ed efficace imparare. Ed ora chi si ferma piĂą ? Grazie Liz”
(Davide Chiarelli, Area Industriale, Head of Technical services L/P-13, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.)


“Working with Elizabeth for a few months now, I am highly satisfied with her approach to language acquisition and coaching. Although being myself an advanced English language learner, Liz does an amazing job pointing out areas in which I can still improve and bring my capabilities to the next level. Through her very skilled and inspired coaching, I have already achieved noticeable improvement of my fluency both for professional as well as private use. Including a wide range of topics, such as pronunciation, idioms and British culture, as well as a variety of sources, our coaching sessions never get any less exciting. And since on top, Liz is a very fun and open-minded person, I can do nothing but enjoy the ride! Highly recommended!”
(Peter Labis)


“It has been one year since we started having lessons with Liz. We both have B2 English level but we didn’t practice the language for a while. Thanks to Liz, we brushed up our English grammar and lexicon. We really got into the language, analyzing elaborated grammar tips, slang and phrasal verbs. During our sessions, we finally could have conversations and improved our speaking ability. Thanks to Liz, we also brought part of our work (dentistry) into our lessons, focusing on real life situations. Liz is a very good teacher, she can find the best solution based on your desires and needs. She is the one who can transform an English lesson in a super funny, exciting and valuable experience.”
(Sara and Andrea)


“Liz has been a wonderful and highly-professional teacher, leading our English lessons efficiently and proficiently. Her tailored approach has proved to be successful, and we really got along during our conversations. I’ve really enjoyed practising English with her, trying to stay on top of things and following her tips on how to improve my vocabulary and my knowledge of idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs. I take the rap for any mistake in this review and I presume it will be hard for me to find another teacher like Liz!”
(Francesco Masci, UnipolSai Assicurazioni)


“I have been studying English since I was a 6 year old girl, but during the last few years I haven’t been speaking a lot (and not with an English mother-tongue). I was searching for an English teacher during the lockdown period in order to improve my pronunciation and comprehension because I want to reach a very high level enabling me to manage the language.
A good friend told me about Liz. We had our first quick chat by phone and I immediately felt her high level of professionalism and the good empathy, so I started my first package of lessons.
She creates our lessons based 100% on my personal goals with a mix of grammar, British idioms, chats and fun! And if I have some specific requests (i.e. past forms!!) she can module an entire lesson on the point I ask for.
Absolutely the RIGHT CHOICE 🙂 !!”
(Elena Baldazzi)


“Sono ormai molti anni che conosco Liz. Con lei preparo le mie conferenze in lingua inglese sin dal 2015 , anno in cui mi aiutò a impostare una “lecture” per un importante congresso di odontoiatria che si svolgeva a Chicago.
Di Liz apprezzo la capacitĂ  di adattarsi alle mie esigenze preparando lezioni interessanti e divertenti su argomenti, per lei, a dir poco ostici o incomprensibili. Nella stessa lezione riesce ad unire lo studio della grammatica al dialogo, focalizzando la sua attenzione al miglioramento della mia pronuncia.
Grazie Liz per i tuoi insegnamenti e …… ……arrivederci alla prossima lezione.”
(Luca Ortensi)


“Lavorando come musicista all’estero avevo necessitĂ  di perfezionare la pronuncia con personale predilezione per il British English. Ho lavorato con diversi insegnanti ma Liz piĂą di tutti ha soddisfatto le mie necessitĂ . Lavorare insieme è stato piacevole e molto stimolante, tanto da spingermi ad affidarle alcuni incarichi inerenti alla mia attivitĂ  musicale (controllo e rifinitura su scripts e lyrics, perfezionamento della pronuncia). Insegnante, consulente e collaboratrice di cui non potrei piĂą fare a meno.”
(Lorenzo Fornasi)


“I have been learning English from Liz for months.
It has been a great experience. She is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into adjusting the teaching contents for me. Her lessons were engaging, and useful. She is very patient in each coaching session, always encouraging me to try and probing the most effective way of improving my English speaking. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in conversational English.”
(G.T. Wang, Academic researcher in a world-class university – First language: Chinese)